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I’ve been waiting for this photo set my whole life

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Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul — Menu-Item Snapshots Spell Out Why

Wow that is depressing. 

okay but is that michelle’s fault for pushing for healtheir lunches or is it school districts’ faults for cutting corner by cutting calories but not making lunch any healthier?

let’s look into it.

Yes, thank you. Because yes she is pushing for a healthier lunch, but the schools still value football over feeding their students, which means that instead of providing enough healthy food to keep their students from starving, they are cutting down the amount of food available to fit within the caloric requirements … while then taking the money they saved to re-sod the football field for the third year in a row. Maybe new uniforms.

….Because apparently Michelle Obama has the executive power to order all schools to do certain things?


…and I doubt any one would consider any of this shit “healthy.”

also, I’m going to point out that the reason why this looks like so little food is because these schools don’t actually know how to comply, or aren’t willing to give the lunch programs the time, effort, funding, and training, to comply with these standards.

Also, look: that link was filled with misinformation. Check the actual USDA factsheet.

My district has full salad bars daily, homemade soups, orange and teriyaki chicken. I buy the meals regularly because they are tasty and nutritious, and the kids seem to love them. Sounds like the tweets were fraudulent or the district has a problem.

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when someone asks me something they could have found on google


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"what are you drinking?"


you know what would go really well with that?


of course a spn gif would pop up

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“Men are very passionate about justifying sexual violence against women. To say sex is a ‘human right’ leaves out a woman’s right to be free from violence. That would be the true definition of human rights.”


A moment of silence for the poor students who were in Harry’s year and only wanted a normal Hogwarts education.

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