Exit, Pursued by a Bear

Rush strikes again

Firefighters, policemen, and teachers obviously don’t contribute anything to the private sector economy! And instead of reinvesting their ridiculous wealth in our private sector and supporting enterprise by buying things, they hide their money away in offshore acc…

Oh wait, that would be a different group of people I’m thinking about.

And what, exactly does Rush think these people do for our society? Does he think businesses would be nearly as successful if the owners constantly had to deal with crime or property destruction? Or that there would even BE entrepreneurs if they weren’t given a basic education in the first place?

God, his ignorance is stunning. But then again, not really. Because this is Rush “I-won’t-pay-for-sluts-to-take-barrels-of-birth-control-every-time-they-have-sex” Limbaugh.

  • 11 June 2012
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